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*As Featured on Forbes* – Sell to Different Buyers Differently


I don’t think I would get much pushback for making the following comments:

• Men buy differently than women.

• Millennials buy differently than baby boomers.

• The middle class buys differently than the upper class.

• Online buyers buy differently than in-store customers.

• Ego-based buyers buy differently than price-sensitive buyers.

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Tara MacDougall

President; Rutherford Cable

We received so much positive feedback about your presentation I wanted to share the following with you… 86% of survey respondents rated your presentation at the highest bracket of “Exceeds Expectations!” As you can tell, you definitely left a positive impression on our membership. You challenged our members to think differently and provided them with practical tools that energized them!

Dave Gore

Director Of Sales; Orkin Pest Control

As an operations company providing sales leadership that is engaging to a group with a wide range of sales aptitude is challenging. You delivered this flawlessly. Your style of getting the room engaged is impressive. Originally we had comments that this session looked to be too long on the agenda, after you finished the comments where why can’t we give John another segment of the meeting. The old phrase of leaving them wanting more truly applies.

Jennifer Campbell

Director, Professional Development; Global Member Partnerships

Our sincere thanks for another outstanding presentation to our members at Virtuoso Travel Week Global in Las Vegas. At a meeting with over 5,000 attendees, it is hard to curate content that appeals to the diversity, but you successfully delivered! It was a pleasure to work with you and I look forward to staying in touch.

We are excited to announce our new eLearning offering, Boyens University. This 16-module eLearning program is SCORM compliant and can be accessed anywhere, anytime and on any device. If you want to make more money, close more business, build the size and quality of your pipeline and shorten your sales cycle we can help