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LinkedIn Featured Post

Small Business Owner’s 10-Step Survival Guide

Small Business Owner’s must:

  1. Be “people” people…One of the true joys of owning your own business is direct contact with your customers, vendors and employees. You need the skills to persuade your vendors to give you favorable terms. You must be able to engage your customers to sell them on your products and services and keep them coming back and you must communicate and motivate your employee’s day in and day out.  Your success hinges on your people skills and your abilities to communicate your vision to set the right tone in your organization.

Close more deals/Make more money!

The Boyens Group® offers a variety of blended learning solutions for salespeople, sales leaders and business owners including instructor-led Webinars, half-day seminars as well as one-day workshops.  Our programs are extremely interactive and entertaining.  Our tools are easy to learn and implement.  In addition we offer books (paperback and eBooks), CDs and MP3 downloads.  Check out our Product Page to learn more.

 Workshop: Maximizing Your LinkedIn Experience

Do you have a social media strategy to achieve your business goals? Do you have a detailed and implemented action plan to execute?  We do!  It’s called our Virtual Business Strategy (VBS).  It’s all about closing business by leveraging social media!  If you’re looking to increase the size/quality of your pipeline, shorten your sales cycle, close more business and make more money this is event for you!