Secrets to Address Your Sales Challenges


Keys to Managing Today’s Salespeople

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Make more Money!

Retain and Cross-Sell Existing Customers

Sell Products/Services at Full Market Value

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Improve Sales Productivity!

Increase Size/Quality of Pipeline

Motivate/Retain a High Performing Team

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Beat your Competition!

Expand your Brand

Grow Market Share

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Check List“Ready to Close” Checklist

Sometimes salespeople try to close a sale too early and     sometimes they talk themselves out of a sale by trying to close the sale too late. To ensure that the buyer and seller are in alignment let me introduce you to the following 12-point, “Ready to Close” Checklist:

  • I know who the key players are
  • I know the decision making process
  • I know the timeline for making a decision

Close more deals/Make more money!

The Boyens Group® offers a variety of blended learning solutions for salespeople, sales leaders and business owners including instructor-led Webinars, half-day seminars as well as one-day workshops.  Our programs are extremely interactive and entertaining.  Our tools are easy to learn and implement.  In addition we offer books (paperback and eBooks), CDs and MP3 downloads.  Check out our Product Page to learn more.

 Workshop: Maximizing Your LinkedIn Experience

LinkedIn is the most ‘professional’ of the social networking sites and is largely focused on B-to-B connections. LinkedIn should be a huge part of your social media marketing strategy. For Business-to-Business social networking, LinkedIn is where the action is! You need to get in the game and use it as a marketing tool.