Robert A. Voltmann; President & CEO; Transportation Intermediaries Association

Dear John:

It is hard to put into words just how helpful you were to us as we finalized our strategic plan for the Association before presenting it to our Board of Directors.  Your guidance on revising our mission and vision statements to reflect our accomplishments and goals for the future was invaluable.  Your ideas for wording changes helped us better frame our ideas.  Your suggestions for future services will pay dividends long into the future.  Your wisdom in structuring the Board discussion was invaluable.

We presented the plan to the Board, and it was received with resounding praise.  But, as you know, the plan we presented only addressed internal items.  The items we knew we had to be better at to reach our desired goal.  What we did not know was what the Board and members needed from us to help grow their businesses.  That’s where the discussion took place.  And, again, thanks to the questions you helped us frame for the Board discussion, we received incredible ideas that we have now taken back to incorporate into the plan.

Of course, your help with our sales staff is also paying off.  Following your guidance, we are making better use of Sales Force.  Our sales people are better scripted and are no longer cold calling.  We’ve fully integrated Sales Force into our association management software, and are, as you suggested, are managing to it.  We have already seen a significant uptick in sales. We can’t wait to have you back for a refresher session.

I love it when a game plan comes together, and when it does, I try never to change a winning line up.  You have become part of our team, and I look forward to working with you for many years to come.



Robert A. Voltmann

President & CEO

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