Mark J. Ward; General Manager; UL WHS

Originally Submitted: May 26, 2015


Dear John,

Thank you for the continued partnership.   The feedback from the sales productivity workshops you recently conducted with our commercial organization has been outstanding. The team is deploying the additional concepts and recommitting to the material you shared with us last July during our mid-year sales summit. This past week, I heard positive comments like “this approach works” and “my prospecting confidence level has been elevated.”

Once again, your preparation and facilitation successfully helped develop my sales talent to enhance their skills.   Furthermore, your highly engaged approach motivated the team and their will to produce results. The attendees especially appreciated our ability to tailor the conversations towards our selling efforts with multiple industries, existing customers, prospecting, or varying sizes of the business entities.

Well done! Your track record remains perfect. You impressed me for the first time I saw your keynote speech around selling including the concept of a sales person being in the zone (comparison to the athlete). Fifteen years later, you continue to inspire me and help teams to deliver results – always enhancing the approach and insights within an evolving marketplace.

I appreciate your incredible knowledge, mentorship, coaching, our long term relationship, and the support our have provided in developing people within the organizations I have managed. If any of your prospects require a reference check or would like to talk to one of your clients – I am happy to assist.

Once again, thank you.


Mark J. Ward; General Manager

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