Kevin Brown; CEO; The Futures Company

Dear John,

The Futures Company has enjoyed a long standing relationship with The Boyens Group. I have sent my entire sales team through your full day workshops, you have conducted webinars with my product development teams focused on crystalizing our value proposition as well as creation of credibility windows. In addition, you have spent time with my consulting organization and worked closely with my senior leadership team. John, the one on one coaching you provide select members of my sales team has been transformational. There is very little you have not done with my organization. So why do we work with The Boyens Group? It is because you deliver high quality training and coaching on a consistent basis, with impact, without fail. I have a fantastic success story to share with you.

In June you conducted two in-person sessions with my consulting team; one in New York and the other in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The “Getting to Yes: Sales & Negotiations in the Consulting World” workshops were incredibly well received. The feedback has been very positive, in fact, the team is calling this the most “actionable training” they have experienced. The following example will put a smile on your face because it definitely provided a solid ROI on our investment with your firm. After the training in New York, a Vice President of Consulting used two techniques he learned in your seminar to close business; the first one was the “Stand Firm Action Plan” and the second technique was the “VALU” (Follow-Up) email. The Stand Firm Plan resulted in a smooth negotiation that allowed us to win a $186,000 consulting contract. We demonstrated value to the client without reducing our professional fees.

John, you have had a tremendous impact on our business. I am confident that The Boyens Group is committed to helping The Futures Company reach our next level of success. Thank you again; my team and I eagerly await the next Boyens Group training!

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