David J. Urban, PhD, PCM; Dean, Jones College of Business; Middle Tennessee State University

I have known and worked with John Boyens since August 2013. Soon after my arrival in Middle Tennessee to become the Dean of the Jones College of Business at Middle Tennessee State University, several business leaders in Nashville advised me to contact John because of his excellent professional reputation.

Since then, I have had the pleasure of taking two of John’s all-day seminars, “Creating a Productive Selling Zone,” and “Six Keys to Market Dominance.” He has also done a customized session for my executive committee in the Jones College, “Avoiding the Fatal Flaws of Management.” John delivered each of these topics in an energetic, highly engaging style. John packs his allotted time with common-sense methods and advice gleaned from his personal interactions with thousands of business professionals over the years. Anyone who applies the lessons John presents will achieve significant, measurable success.

I was so Impressed with John’s abilities that I offered him the position of “Executive in Residence” in the Jones College of Business. In this capacity, he has developed a series of professional development seminars for my graduate students that has been very well received. My students react to him in the same positive way I did when I took part in the seminars I attended. As a result, we have invited him to continue to do these seminars.

I also invited John to be a co-presenter with me at the Southern Business Administration Association (SBAA) Annual Conference in 2015. The SBAA is a professional association for deans of collegiate business schools from Virginia to Texas. Our presentation was titled, “A Portrait of the Dean as Salesperson.” Its premise was that business school deans are continually called upon to be salespeople—in selling new curricula to internal and external constituents, in recruiting students, and in raising money—but they never get any training in the best practices of selling. Our objective was to provide the audience with some practical tips, and John enthusiastically rose to the occasion as he carried the bulk of our presentation. He related well to the audience of deans, and his presentation generated considerable fuel for discussions during the remainder of the conference. As one dean told him, “Thank you for your presentation. I now realize that everything I have been doing is wrong!” That’s quite an admission for any academician, but particularly for a dean. Clearly, John made a major impact on those who saw and heard him.

John’s content and delivery are excellent, but what truly distinguish him, in my opinion, are: his ability to tailor his seminars and presentations to his audience; and the quality of the handouts he always provides to the participants. John does his homework. He researches the members of his audience and their backgrounds prior to his presentation, so he can use examples and terminology to which they can readily relate. He really helps them to connect his content with their unique situations. As for John’s handouts, they are full of helpful information and templates, making John’s material immediately useful to his seminar participants. John provides high quality and high value; that’s a winning combination when it comes to securing repeat customers and positive word-of-mouth in any industry. It’s also why so many of John’s seminar participants have attended more than one of his sessions and have referred him repeatedly to others.

I wholeheartedly endorse John as a speaker, as a trainer, as a consultant, and as someone with great experience and insight who could help any organization improve its efficiency, effectiveness, and bottom line results.

David J. Urban

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