Dave Gore; Director of Sales; Orkin Pest Control


I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the sales leadership training you conducted at our annual division meeting. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive from all attendees.

As an operations company providing sales leadership that is engaging to a group with a wide range of sales aptitude is challenging. You delivered this flawlessly. Your style of getting the room engaged is impressive. Originally we had comments that this session looked to be too long on the agenda, after you finished the comments where why can’t we give John another segment of the meeting. The old phrase of leaving them wanting more truly applies.

The other area that was equally impressive was your ability to craft the message especially for our team. I had numerous people ask me what department you worked in and how they could get you to come and talk to their teams. You have a unique and thorough way of preparation that allows you to be part of the team you are presenting to.

John, I look forward to using your services in the future to continue the development of our sales culture. We appreciate all you do.


Dave Gore; Director of Sales

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