Daniel Casteel; Regional Vice President; Stanton Chase


I wanted to say thank you once again for the outstanding executive development program that you facilitated for our EMEA Region and presented in our North America Regional Meeting.  As we discussed in our preparation, our organization is comprised of highly skilled professionals who historically have not embraced individuals from outside our industry.  However due to your deep diligence into our industry and organization, the customized materials that you utilized in our development program provided applicable scenarios, role play and industry jargon that solidified you as a SME in both sales effectiveness and in executive search.

To say that our program was a success is an understatement.  The survey feedback has your session as the “Highest Value” of our conference and the number of personal accolades that I have received from the participants is astounding.  I am pleased to see that our Board is speaking with you about global deployment of your content and look forward to your program in our Global Partner Meeting next April.

You rock!

Daniel Casteel
Regional Vice President, North America

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