Manage Effectively

If you’re looking to help your employees reach their full potential, shorten their ramp time to productivity plus eliminate the boom and bust cycle of performance we have you covered!  Boyens Group offers custom-design programs (speaking, training, consulting and coaching) based upon the unique needs of their customers, the markets that they serve and their budgets. We also provide our Instructor Led Webinars, 1-on-1 Coaching, Half-Day seminars, Full-Day workshops as well as Books, CDs and MP3s. We help our customers:

  • Improve the effectiveness of their management team
  • Optimize their business strategy
  • Increase the number of salespeople at or above plan
  • Grow market share

Difficulty Hiring/Retaining Sales Talent

In order to hire the best talent available you need to know where to look, how to compensate and most importantly how to avoid the five most common recruiting mistakes. A good first step is to create a detailed job description and/or hiring profile for the position as well as establish a preset list of behavioral interview questions to help you separate good employees from good interviewees.

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download: Minimizing Turnover (audio) | download: Managing the Outside Sales Rep (audio)

Long Ramp Time to Get Salespeople Productive

To get salespeople productive more quickly you must have a written on-boarding plan of at least 30 days broken down by key activities/actions by day and by week and with specific timelines.  In addition you must set clear expectations , activity levels (meets minimum, target and overachievement) and goals.

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download: Coaching for Optimal Performance (audio) | buy: Creating a Productive Selling Zone (paperback)

Motivating Salespeople

There are different ways to motivate and incentivize salespeople and all are based upon what’s most important to them. We’ve identified the top 12 keys to motivating salespeople as well as eight different options for compensating salespeople with a special focus on pay for performance.

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download: Managing the Outside Sales Rep (audio) | download: Avoid the 5 Fatal Flaws of Management (audio)

Poor Quality (and/or Size) of Pipelines

Improving the size/quality of your salespeople’s pipeline is the number one action that will guarantee success! Salespeople often focus on current prospects without generating new opportunities in their pipeline to replace deals that get sold. If salespeople are too busy managing their existing pipeline so prospecting is being ignored (to refill their pipeline) that will lead to the boom and busts cycle of sales performance inconsistency. We offer proven pipeline development and forecasting tools that will work for you whether you’re a rookie sales manager or a veteran. We’ll teach you how to effectively build quality sales pipeline and grow market share.

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download: Pipeline Development (audio) | download: Target your Prospects (audio)