How Much Revenue Do You Deserve?

Do you know how to position your company to gain a Competitive Advantage in the marketplace? Are you able to create new products and successfully bring them to market in a timely fashion?  Have you identified specific, vertical markets that are the best fit for your products/services?  If not, you’re losing revenue/market share to your competition!

The most successful companies use a strategic planning process (Go-to-Market Strategy workshop) to identify one or two mission-critical initiatives for the next 18 to 24 months and then they create a consensus action plan complete with dates, owners and time lines to support them.  In addition, they create a contingency plan complete with milestones and “trigger points” should something go wrong.

As a result they are able to outsmart their competition, accelerate revenue performance and dominate their market.  The six keys to dominating your market include:

  1. Define success…Know your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  2. Know your customers…Segment your market place
  3. Know your competition…Establish competitive differentiation
  4. Document your businesses 5 “P’s”…Establish your unique value proposition (UVP)
  5. Establish your Go-to-Market (GtM) strategy…Including a written sales/marketing plan
  6. Leverage social media…Create your virtual business strategy (VBS)