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If you want to Make More Money, Close More Business, Build the size and quality of your Pipeline and/or Shorten your Sales Cycle we can help!  We provide Best Practices plus Proven Tools, Templates and Products you can use today to Increase Sales!  Our solutions can be customized to fit your specific needs and budget.  These solutions work for the New Salesperson, the Experienced Rep, Sales Leaders as well as Business Owners.

Top 5 Selling Challenges we hear from sales professionals across the globe:

Difficulty Differentiating Yourself From Your Competition

Salespeople that struggle differentiating themselves and their products need to establish a Unique Value Proposition (UVP).  A UVP should detail what it is that your company does that your competition doesn’t, can’t or won’t do in the marketplace. They also need to know who their competition is, what products/services their competition offers and how they go to market.

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download: Outsmarting the Competition (audio) | download: 6 Keys to Market Dominance (audio)

Elongated Sales Cycles

In order to avoid elongated sales cycles it is crucial that salespeople get to the Decision Maker early in the sales process and to engage them in strategic/proactive conversations. Then they need to accurately match their solution to their prospect’s need. The best way to do that is to ask “needs-based” questions.

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download: Proven Prospecting Techniques (audio)| download: Pipeline Development (audio)

Poor Close Rates

The best way to increase your close rate is to utilize referral-based selling. Our research shows that cold calling has a single digit close rate (3 to 9%) while referred business closes at a significantly higher rate, in a shorter period of time and normally for a larger dollar amount.

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download: Referrals = Success (audio) | download: Acquiring Customers (audio)

Difficulty Cost-Justifying a Sale

The best salespeople look forward to cost-justifying their solution because they are skillful at documenting the value that they bring. They have a formula. They know what can be measured and are experts in articulating the cost of delay to their advantage.

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buy: Creating a Productive Selling Zone (paperback)| download: Sell Value, not Price (audio)

Handling Sales Objections

The good news is that a sales objection most often is a buying signal!  The most common sales objections we hear are: Price, Budget and Preferring Another Vendor. It’s imperative to be prepared for these objections plus others that you may face so you can Stand Firm in your negotiations. We have developed a detailed program (our Objection Response Library) that addresses the steps, actions and dialogue required to hold your own and proactive address objections when they are raised.

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